Birth Hypnosis

How does Birth Hypnosis work?

Birth Hypnosis uses deep relaxation and the power of visualisation and suggestion to create a lasting sense of serenity and confidence around labour and birth. Specific breathing techniques are incorporated and have a direct calming effect on the nervous system. Personalised guided visualisations are created to get to the heart of fears and facilitate emotional release work.

How does Birth Hypnosis prepare my body and mind for labour?

The body is unable to differentiate between reality and suggestion. Hypnosis using guided visualisation allows you to rehearse and experience your ideal birth again and again in your mind. Your body will become familiar with the relaxed response you’ve cultivated and will respond in the same way during labour. You stay calm and able to surrender to the process, inwardly focused yet aware of the birth experience. Your breathing, deep relaxation and visualisations help you cope with labour sensations and allow an optimum flow of birth hormones, thereby promoting more efficient and comfortable birthing.

Birth Hypnosis provides significant benefits for pregnancy and birth:

  • Fears and anxieties can be reduced or resolved.
  • Visualisation of your baby during pregnancy enhances your connection.
  • Personalisation of hypnosis scripts allows focus on your specific concerns or goals.
  • Deep relaxation substantially reduces the perception of pain.
  • Labour can progress more efficiently as deep relaxation eliminates tension and muscle resistance.
  • Slow, deep breathing improves oxygen flow to you and your baby.
  • A relaxed body conserves energy, preventing exhaustion in labour and aiding your recovery from birth.
  • Suggestions used in hypnosis before and during labour help create deep levels of confidence in your body and trust in the natural process.

The Sister Support Birth Hypnosis Program

Birth Hypnosis programs can be crafted to suit your needs and schedule but typically include:

  • An initial phone/Skype discussion to clarify your objectives and create a personalised plan.
  • 4 education and hypnosis sessions in your home of 2.5 hours each.
  • Breathing techniques to help you drop down to a relaxed and suggestible state.
  • Evidence-based information about the hormones of labour and birth, your body instincts and the connection between fear and labour pain, among other topics.
  • Preparation to help your partner support you in labour with relaxation and visualisation.
  • Activities to help release old fears and beliefs and to embrace a new vision for birth.
  • A digital download (or CDs) of Birth Bliss, consisting of 4 hypnosis tracks  – one to prepare for birth, one to listen to in labour, one to use in early parenting and one suitable for any time, along with 2 music tracks to bliss out to.
  • Additional hypnosis scripts for you and your partner to use on your own.

The full Birth Hypnosis program is available on a stand-alone basis. An Intensive Birth Hypnosis program is available at a reduced rate for Doula Essential Service clients.  Please contact me for current pricing.