Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class


New! Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class – from the comfort of your own home!  

As 1 of 4 Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators in Australia, I’m delighted to bring you the new Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class.  Though the format may be different from the in-person class, the content, connection and loving support is the same.

Why Spinning Babies®?

Spinning Babies®  provides an approach for comfort and ease in pregnancy and childbirth, highlighting your baby‘s active role.  “The baby’s job in labour is to rotate, the birthing person’s job is to dilate!”  We believe that a baby’s position isn’t random – a baby will get into the space available – and a baby’s position can significantly impact when labour begins and how it progresses. Yet, thinking only of the size of the baby or the pelvis isn’t enough.  Birth anatomy can be flexibleBoth the uterus and the pelvis have more available room when the muscles and other soft tissues (ligaments and fascia) are balanced. 

What you’ll learn in the Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class:

  • How your birth partner can help you in pregnancy and birth using  the Spinning Babies® approach
  • Practical and detailed preparation to balance the body before and during labour – the Three Sisters of Balance and much more 
  • Help your baby into an optimal position to fit YOUR pelvis 
  • The dynamics of labour and birth – how your body and baby work together
  • Targeted solutions for if labour seems long, painful or has a stall, by opening the three levels of the pelvis to let the baby come through more easily, at each stage of labour
  • Connecting with your baby and understanding their position with Belly Mapping

Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labour.  Spinning Babies® reveals how the baby can find optimal positions and make birth less painful, and even pleasurable!  

The Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class includes:

  • a 15-minute Zoom introduction
  • streaming/download of the Spinning Babies® Parent Class video (a AU$45 value)
  • streaming/download of the Spinning Babies® Daily Essentials video (a AU$28 value)
  • a 1.5-hour private Zoom class to clarify concepts as well as to observe (and help refine) movement activities, such as the Three Sisters of Balance and birth positions to open the three levels of the pelvis. Learn how to create more comfort in pregnancy as well as ease and pleasure in birth!
  • Access to the Spinning Babies® Online Parent Portal, including the Parent Class Companion ebook and handouts
  • Ongoing support available

Your investment: $150   Contact me now to book your class!


Words of praise from recent class participants…

Laura Lee was a wonderful teacher, really informative and clear. She guided me and my sister through the practices and had heaps of tips and information. We really enjoyed the class and felt it was SO useful! We both felt we were being armed with techniques that could be really beneficial during labour and even pre-labour. (Tammy) 

Absolutely loved Laura Lee’s class, she is so knowledgeable – I came away with so much useful information and great techniques to practice and use during labour. I feel so much more equipped to hopefully have a much less medicalised 3rd birth.   (Melissa)  

Thoroughly enjoyed the class and so informative. It gives me more confidence knowing I can be proactive during birth and have strategies to deal with challenges that arise during labour. (Julie)

Laura Lee is a fantastic teacher and birth support person. She made it so easy to understand how, why and what to do. Highly recommend her and this class. (Emmal)

Laura Lee came to our house and presented the Spinning Babies Parent Class to my husband and me.  It was very exciting seeing her bring in all the equipment including models of the pelvis and uterus as well as various exercise tools!  I was so blown away by the information she was able to give us in the 3 hours or so that she was with us. This was not just an exercise class, this was a lesson on anatomy and biomechanics as well as an incredible support service. Laura Lee was always happy to answer questions, hear stories and let me even have a cry.   I now have a much better understanding of the Spinning Babies 3 sisters of balance and daily essentials as well as various other techniques, and how these help the body become better aligned and prepared for birth. Having had a cesarean in my first pregnancy due to a breech baby I am now extremely determined to do as much as I can in my current pregnancy to ensure that my baby is in the ideal position for birth so I can achieve my strong desires for a VBAC.  Thank you, Laura Lee, what a life-changing experience! I only wish this kind of education could be spread through all hospitals and known by all midwives and obstetricians.  (Narada)

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