Maternity Coalition Movie Night Wednesday 23/10, Elwood

The next Maternity Coalition Film Night will be held on Wednesday evening, 23 October, at 7:30 pm, at the Elwood St. Kilda Learning Centre at 87 Tennyson St, Elwood.

Birth Movement-thumb-400x566-305

Birth Movement: Preventive Obstetrics and Postnatal Care

Using midwifery knowledge, experience and scientific research, this movie focuses on positions and movement that can make the process easier for both mother and baby in the different stages of labour. It includes an explanation of the fetal position and movement, and ways to encourage the fetus to move into a position that will facilitate the birth. One woman chooses to have epidural anaesthesia, and the voiceover explains this may be advised in some cases but that the mother should still be encouraged to be active. The movie concludes with a home visit to a new mother and footage of four maternity ward births, introducing expectant mothers to their own and their baby’s needs in the postnatal period.

Guest speaker at the Elwood event will be Dance Therapist Susan Maling, and there will be lots of birth professionals on hand to answer any questions expectant parents may have.  I look forward to seeing you there!


Cost for the film is $10 (prepaid booking) or $15 (at the door).  For further information or to purchase tickets online, please go to