What does my doula do when I’m in labour?

In antenatal visits, we determine what role and what comfort measures you would like me to provide, such as acupressure, aromatherapy, breathing and relaxation techniques, heat packs, homeopathic remedies, massage, rebozo work, Spinning Babies® techniques and positioning and more. When labour becomes established, I’ll usually meet you at your home to help you labour confidently before going into hospital. For homebirths, I help set up the birth space and pool in addition to supporting your labour.

I help to protect your privacy and to create an intimate atmosphere that will allow you to feel safe and focused. I try to ensure that you and your partner are staying rested, hydrated and nourished so you can labour efficiently and effectively. To help you achieve your birth preferences, I facilitate collaborative communication with medical caregivers and provide you with evidence-based information to underpin your decisions.

Most of all, I hold the space for you and stay by your side until your baby is born and you and your partner are ready for some quiet family time.