Mothers, Babies & Bedsharing

Researchers from Murdoch University’s School of Health Professions are urging health organisations to reconsider their attitudes to mothers and babies bedsharing (co-sleeping).

As this article highlights, “… there is no research that shows an inherent risk for bedsharing and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)”. Furthermore, the article states “what we should be focusing on is minimising the known risks associated with SIDS and bedsharing, such as parents who smoke or are affected by alcohol and drugs.”

When a mother (non-smoking and free of alcohol/drugs) co-sleeps with her breastfed baby, in a suitable environment (a firm bed, not a sofa or armchair), “the rate of bedsharing deaths is lower than the rate found in babies sleeping by themselves in cots.”

Thus, correct bedsharing is actually safer than leaving babies to sleep alone, as proximity to mother helps regulate baby’s breathing, heart rate and temperature.

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Close Up Of Sleeping Baby Boy Holding Mothers Hand