Doula Packages

Combination packages allow you to choose elements from the different Sister Support services to create a highly personalised program of care. All combination packages have the Doula Essential Service at their core and are enhanced by one or more Add-on Sessions. Add-on Sessions will be crafted to suit your needs and schedule and are available either before or after your baby’s birth.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please contact me to discuss your individual situation and aspirations. Let’s explore the combinations that will best prepare you for an informed, relaxed and joyful birth.

Add-on Antenatal SessionsSister Support Doula

  • Preparing for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caeserean) – 2 Hours

An important part of preparing for a VBAC is telling the story of your previous birth experience(s). This can help you to better process the experience(s) and determine what fears you may still hold so that we can work together to dispel them. Furthermore, it’s essential to learn about the latest research regarding the safety of VBAC. This will help you prepare for discussions with medical care providers and identify areas of special focus in the development of your Birth Preferences statement.

  • Birth Hypnosis, Single Session – 2 Hours

Don’t have the time or budget for the full Sister Support Birth Hypnosis program ? A single session can provide some of the basics of Birth Hypnosis to start you on your way toward a calmer and more relaxing birth and includes: an overview of Birth Hypnosis and the benefit for your birthing body; a relaxing Birth Hypnosis experience; and an activity for you and your partner to work on after the session. If after the Single Session you’d like to enjoy the benefits of the full Birth Hypnosis program, I’d be pleased to offer preferential pricing.

  • Dancing for Birth™, Single Session – 2 Hours

Would you like to get a taste of the active birth wisdom and antenatal dance fitness of Dancing For Birth™ classes? A single session can introduce you to some of the elemental Dancing For Birth™ movements and provide an overview of key concepts of this joyful birth preparation method. If after the Single Session you’d like to enjoy the benefits of additional Dancing For Birth™ (hyperlink) classes in your home, I’d be pleased to offer preferential pricing.

Add-on Postnatal Sessions

  • Postnatal Doula Support – 4 Hours

After bringing your new baby home, you may find you need more support than the two visits provided in the Doula Essential Service. Single sessions of Postnatal Doula Support can be beneficial at any time during your early months of parenting. These sessions are designed to help you gain more confidence with baby’s feeding, settling and sleeping as well as with babywearing and any other area you require. They also give you a chance to reflect further on your birth experience and determine if you need additional resources for professional support. In these sessions, I also share information to make your postnatal period more calm and comfortable through nutrition, homoeopathic remedies, aromatherapy, body wrapping and relaxation exercises.