My Birth Philosophy

I believe birth is a transformative occurrence in a woman's life, a sacred rite of passage that deeply affects her on many levels.
Our birth experiences stay with us for a lifetime and have a ripple effect on all our relationships; thus, it's essential to make birth as positive as possible. As a doula, my role is to help you identify what a positive birth looks like for you – by providing the latest, evidence-based information; by giving you unconditional support; and by helping you to access your inner wisdom.
My role is not to speak for you but rather to help you find and nurture your own voice. By working together, we can create a safe and relaxed environment around birth, giving you confidence in your body and belief in yourself.

Latest Article

Preparing to Breastfeed Your Baby

Feeling ready to breastfeed?  Or thinking you'll just figure it all out once your baby's born?  The time to learn about and prepare for breastfeeding is in pregnancy, NOT after the big day has arrived!  Learning to breastfeed is like learning to dance with your baby - you both have natural instincts but you'll need some practice to get the timing, positioning and rhythm worked out.  And though it may not be smooth sailing from the get-go, with some … [Read More...]