Client Testimonials


With Laura Lee's assistance, I felt confident, empowered and excited about my birth!

Jane – Postnatal Massage

I felt so much calmer and zen after my postnatal massage and I think that this was great for tuning into the baby and relaxing into the next few feeds, getting the oxytocin going. I really liked the intensity of the massage work you did on the bottom and hip area as well as the active parts of massage where you instructed me to move.  Oh, and massage work around breast/underarm was great - I would have loved this part to go on and on! Thank you again for the massage -  what an absolute treat! 

Kym & Andrew

"In the months leading up to the birth, Laura Lee visited me several times. She not only loaded me up with helpful information for our unborn baby, myself and our family, but taught me meditation techniques, shared homeopathic remedies, vitamins, oils, teas, and the most important thing of all...positive energy/reinforcement that things could be different this time around. Every time Laura Lee left from a visit, I would feel fabulous.

Rose was born 11 days after her estimated due date. Most woman, including myself in my first pregnancy, are impatient and anxious for bubs to just come out "on time" and every day over the "due date" was a disappointment that my baby wasn't here yet. However, with my second pregnancy, Laura Lee taught me that a "due date" is just a guide and for every day our baby is in the womb, the better nourished they are and that I should be proud to be growing such a healthy baby. Laura Lee's constant productive information always put me back on track and really got me through the difficult times. I found being pregnant this time around was a true blessing and she made me realise what a fabulous job I was doing.

During labour, Laura Lee was not only my support, but part of my total survival plan. She pulled out all the tricks in the book, in preparation for our baby girl to be delivered. We stretched, walked, meditated, massaged, breathed, she kept me nourished with special foods and drinks, and most off all she kept me focused.

Laura Lee Berlingieri with ?

In hindsight, I have realised it didn't matter that everything didn't go the way I wanted it to, more often than not, it doesn't. The important thing to remember is that I have a beautiful, healthy baby and had a positive birth experience. I now rave to all of my friends about it, as all their birth stories are full of fear and pain (I'm not saying it wasn't painful) but I am positive that giving birth to Rosie was one of the best experiences of my life, thanks to a very special person, who will always have a place in our family's hearts - Laura Lee. I highly recommend hiring this amazingly empowering lady. It will be one of the best decision you will ever make. She is worth every cent!"

Krissy – Pregnancy Massage

What I liked best about Laura Lee's Pregnancy Massage was that I was completely able to relax. As I was in the comfort of my own home, I was able to go straight to bed afterward and fall immediately to sleep, something I hadn't been able to do for many days. Laura Lee's massage was very nurturing, with beautiful energy and music.

Amber & Steve

Laura Lee arrived at our home just as things were becoming too much for my partner and me to handle. My partner knows me well but Laura Lee knows a birthing woman's needs! She came in and instinctively saved me from losing focus with acupressure and massage in just the right spot, without any instruction from me. Her passion for both supporting women and learning give her a huge amount of resources to call upon. During a very long pregnancy, Laura Lee was a sounding board for my fears and frustrations and always knew how to turn anything into a positive and offer constructive support when needed. She shared so much valuable wisdom that women have shared amongst each other for decades that through my own reading alone I would not have found. During labour, she gave the perfect blend of hands-on support and space, a skill that comes from experience.

Incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable, kind and respectful, I cannot imagine giving birth without her. Her contribution to my positive birthing experience was huge and I cannot put into words how thankful I am, or how special she is. Thank you, Laura Lee, for everything. May all women feel as supported as I was.


We so enjoyed working with Laura Lee – she is warm, professional and supportive, and she instantly put us at ease.

Angela & Anders

I will always be grateful for Laura Lee’s care, guidance, kindness and generosity. I found her knowledge, patience and encouragement to be invaluable. I will treasure the memory of the environment Laura Lee created in our labour room and wholeheartedly appreciate the support she gave us during pregnancy and labour. We know we could not have done it without Laura Lee. She shines above the rest and is an angel on earth acting as a friend and mentor/doula. I’m blessed to have met Laura Lee and will forever be grateful. Our baby was lucky to have her there for his grand entrance! Thank you!

Jennifer & Paul

I can't recommend Laura Lee highly enough. She was committed, informative and encouraging through our prenatal preparation, our long labour and the postnatal period. What I appreciated most about Laura Lee's care is that she excels in the intellectual and practical side of birthing, as well as having the capacity to be present and supportive through the emotional experience. She is incredibly well informed about the most recent research on birthing practices as well as being a calm, patient and compassionate person to have by your side. With Laura Lee's assistance, I felt confident, empowered and excited about my birth!

Jane & Kalu – Birth Hypnosis, Baby #1

Laura Lee helped my partner and me to prepare for the birth of our baby with Birth Hypnosis sessions. Despite having already done some preparation for the birth, we were still feeling anxious about certain aspects of it.
We so LL and Elvieenjoyed working with Laura Lee – she is warm, professional and supportive, and she instantly put us at ease. She is also incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of birth and a passionate believer in women and their ability to birth naturally. Her knowledge in this area really helped to make us feel confident in my body, and to trust that I would be able to listen and respond to it during labour.

Our sessions were really personalised – Laura Lee listened to what we wanted and adapted each session to suit us. She asked lots of questions to help tease out our fears related to the birth. This was confronting but so important. We were able to really face some of these fears and find a way to turn them into positive affirmations to take into the birth.

Laura Lee also helped us practise breathing techniques for labour by leading us through a number of relaxation exercises and Birth Hypnosis scripts. Again, these were personalised – Laura Lee incorporated things that we had spoken about into the exercises, which we really appreciated. She gave us CDs with lovely guided relaxations on them to listen to each day before the birth.

After our sessions with Laura Lee, we felt so much more confident and excited about the birth. And when the time came, we simply relaxed, we breathed, we trusted in my body and we welcomed our daughter into the world in the most natural, beautiful and calm way.”

Krissy – Dancing for Birth Classes, Childbirth Education Workshop

“Dancing for Birth™ classes with Laura Lee were phenomenal and exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn fun dances and how to move with my baby, but the rituals, wisdom and meditations that glued the session together were beautiful.

Laura Lee has such a gracious, calm and confident presence.    She is a wise woman who generously shares her abundant knowledge on all things pregnancy and birth.   Her passion and commitment to women shine through everything she does. I learnt so much from Laura Lee and felt much more confident in my ability to birth my first baby.  If I did not already have an amazing birthing team, I would have happily chosen Laura Lee to be my doula.  In fact, she also facilitated a Childbirth Education Workshop with my birth team and she was the first person I called when I was in labour.   And yes, despite a 40-hour labour – I did dance through many hours of it – albeit not always to the beat .  Thank you, Laura Lee, for your generosity of spirit and your infinite wisdom.  I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone!

Lydia & Michael

From the moment we met Laura Lee, we knew she was the doula for us. She was well prepared, professional and informative. We carefully explained to her what we wanted our birthing experience to be like, she completely understood what we wanted and helped us prepare for the arrival of our little boy. Leading up to the birth, Laura Lee was a great source of information, empowering and someone you could rely on when needed. During the birth, she was wonderful support for us and helped us achieve the type of birth we wanted. We cannot recommend her enough and she will always have a special place in our family's heart. It was the best decision we made in choosing her to be a part of a very special time, we couldn't have done it without her help.

Ania & Joe – Birth Hypnosis

I really loved your energy! You gave us everything I wished for from Birth Hypnosis. Our wonderful baby girl Maya was born last night! I can't thank you enough for your wisdom; your breathing techniques really helped me during very intense surges and even more intense labour, which altogether lasted only 6 hours!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart once again and I can't recommend your services enough! All the best to you from Ania, Joe and Maya.

Doris & Darryn

Right from our very first meeting Laura Lee impressed us with her great knowledge, passion and warmth. We 'clicked' right away and knew immediately that Laura Lee was the right doula for us. In the following weeks and months, we enjoyed several informative and personalised meetings with Laura Lee at our own home where we managed to form a close bond and prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the great adventure of giving birth. The information, advice and ideas that Laura Lee provided were individually put together for us to meet our very personal circumstances and wishes. As I am a very rational person myself, I appreciated the fact that all of the information was based on the latest scientific research so that we felt confident and empowered to make the best possible decisions for our baby and ourselves. At the same time, Laura Lee helped me to get in touch with my own body and to trust in its natural ability to birth my baby.

Laura Lee has a great gift to listen and made us feel comfortable even when talking about the most intimate details of giving birth (or the lead up to or what comes after). She is very generous with her time so that we never felt rushed and had plenty of opportunities to ask and discuss all our questions and concerns. Unlike many other doulas, she also doesn't set a limit to the number of hours she will stay with you during birth before you have to pay 'extra'. Laura Lee is committed to being there for you however long it takes and to support you in whichever way you choose to give birth to your little baby.

When our daughter Elina decided to make her way into this world 2.5weeks early on a Monday morning, Laura Lee was at my side in an instant and helped me to stay calm and as comfortable as possible while waiting for an ambulance for a transfer to the birthing centre after a very speedy labour. Her hands-on approach and emotional support also took a lot of pressure off my husband who was- like me- overwhelmed by the sudden and intense onset of labour and still had a hundred things left to organise eg finding a dog sitter and packing my hospital bag.

Eventually, our beautiful little girl arrived safely and without any interventions which was - to a great extent- thanks to the amazing work of our lovely doula Laura Lee (and our great midwife, of course). The entire time I felt safe, respected and very well looked after which I believe is extremely important for every woman when giving birth. Laura Lee came to visit us at home the next day which was very reassuring and her advice as an expert as well as a mother of two was crucial to the success of Elina's and my breastfeeding journey. During the following precious first weeks with our baby, Laura Lee continued to be a great source of information and support for us 'newborn parents'.

We can't thank Laura Lee enough for her efforts and her commitment to helping make the birth of our daughter such a positive and empowering experience. We could not have wished for a better doula!


Laura Lee's constant productive information always put me back on track and really got me through the difficult times.

Jane & Kalu – Childbirth Education Workshop, Baby #2

I cannot thank you enough for our childbirth education workshop for my birth team! We are all feeling so much more confident, calm and excited about the birth and just really informed and reassured.  You are an absolute wealth of knowledge and are also so skilled in listening to and holding all of the emotions that arise when preparing for birth.  The guided relaxation you created for us was just beautiful too!


Laura Lee is incredibly well informed about the most recent research on birthing practices as well as being a calm, patient and compassionate person to have by your side.