Birth Preferences Workshops

If you’re not yet certain about having a doula at your birth but know that you would like support to identify your birth wishes, then the Sister Support Birth Preferences Workshop is the solution. This 3-hour intensive, one-on-one workshop allows us to explore your intentions for birth and prepare your Birth Preferences Statement.

Why do I need a Birth Preferences Statement?baby-hand-holding-mothers-hands-s

Preparation of your Birth Preferences Statement allows you to:

  • Explore options for making your labour and birth more personalised, comfortable and efficient.
  • Learn about pain relief options and common hospital procedures to understand how they affect your labour and your baby.
  • Gain knowledge of how your amazing body works in labour, birth and breastfeeding.
  • Become empowered as you learn about your rights of informed consent and refusal, and how to exercise those rights.
  • Prepare a Birth Preferences Statement that highlights your priorities and suits your style.
Sharing your Birth Preferences Statement with your medical care providers:
  • Informs them of your intentions and wishes for birth.
  • Facilitates open communication before you go into labour.  This gives you time to identify any issues that might require negotiation.
  • Allows them to support you with more personalised care.
The Sister Support Birth Preferences Workshop can be structured to meet your specific interests and requirements.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and current Workshop pricing.